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Bing & Gary Crosby • Bing Crosby & Louis Armstrong • Bing Crosby and Carmen CavallaroBing Crosby and Carol RichardsBing Crosby and Connee BoswellBing Crosby and Frank SinatraBing Crosby and Fred WaringBing Crosby and Grace KellyBing Crosby and Jane WymanBing Crosby and Jimmy Dorsey and His OrchestraBing Crosby and Johnny MercerBing Crosby and Judy GarlandBing Crosby and Les Paul and His TrioBing Crosby and Louis ArmstrongBing Crosby and Muriel LaneBing Crosby and Peggy LeeBing Crosby and the Andrews SistersBing Crosby and the Mills BrothersBing Crosby and Trudy ErwinBing Crosby and Xavier Cugat and His OrchestraDavid Bowie & Bing CrosbyLouis Armstrong & Bing CrosbyLouis Jordan and Bing Crosby

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• Bing CrosbyWhere the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day) • Russ ColumboBrother, Can You Spare a Dime? • Bing CrosbyCabin in the Cotton • Bing CrosbyHere Lies Love • Bing CrosbyLazy Day • Bing CrosbyLove Me Tonight • George Olsen and His OrchestraLove Me Tonight • Bing CrosbyMy Woman! • Ted Lewis & His BandParadise • Bing CrosbyPlease • Bing CrosbySnuggled on Your Shoulder (Cuddled in Your Arms) • Bing CrosbySome of These Days • Bing CrosbySweet Georgia Brown • Bing CrosbyWaltzing in a Dream • Guy Lombardo and His Royal CanadiansWaltzing in a Dream • Bing CrosbyWhere the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day) • Bing Crosby(I Don't Stand) A Ghost of a Chance with You • Ted Fio Rito & His Orchestra(I Don't Stand) A Ghost of a Chance with You • Bing CrosbyBeautiful Girl • Bing CrosbyBlue Prelude • Bing CrosbyDid You Ever See a Dream Walking? • Bing CrosbyDown the Old Ox Road • Bing CrosbyHome on the Range • Bing CrosbyI've Got the World on a String • Bing CrosbyI've Got to Sing a Torch Song • Bing CrosbyJust an Echo in the Valley • Bing CrosbyLearn to Croon • Bing CrosbyMy Love • Bing CrosbyShadow Waltz • Bing CrosbyStreet of Dreams • Bing CrosbyThanks • Bing CrosbyThe Day You Came Along • Bing CrosbyThe Last Round-Up • Bing CrosbyYou're Beautiful Tonight, My Dear • Bing CrosbyYou've Got Me Crying Again • Bing CrosbyYoung and Healthy • Bing CrosbyTemptation • Bing CrosbyGive Me a Heart to Sing To • Bing CrosbyGood Night, Lovely Little Lady • Bing CrosbyJune in January • Bing CrosbyLittle Dutch Mill • Bing CrosbyLove Thy Neighbor • Bing CrosbyLove in Bloom • Bing CrosbyMay I? • Bing CrosbyOnce in a Blue Moon • Bing CrosbyRidin' Around in the Rain • Bing CrosbyShe Reminds Me of You • Bing CrosbyStraight from the Shoulder • Bing CrosbyThe Moon Was Yellow (And the Night Was Young) • Bing CrosbyThe Very Thought of You • Bing CrosbyTwo Cigarettes in the Dark • Bing CrosbyWe'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines • Bing CrosbyWith Every Breath I Take • Bing CrosbyLove is Just Around the Corner • Bing CrosbyMaybe I'm Wrong Again • Bing CrosbyDown by the River • Bing CrosbyFrom the Top of Your Head • Bing CrosbyI Wish I Were Aladdin • Bing CrosbyI Wished on the Moon • Bing CrosbyIt's Easy to Remember • Bing CrosbyOn Treasure Island • Bing CrosbyRed Sails in the Sunset • Bing CrosbySoon • Bing CrosbyWithout a Word of Warning • Bing CrosbySilent Night • Bing CrosbyEmpty Saddles • Bing CrosbyI Can't Escape from You • Bing CrosbyI'm an Old Cowhand • Bing CrosbyIt Ain't Necessarily So • Bing CrosbyMe and the Moon • Bing CrosbyPennies from Heaven • Bing CrosbyRobins and Roses • Bing CrosbySo Do I • Bing CrosbySong of the Islands • Bing CrosbySouth Sea Island Magic • Bing CrosbyThe Touch of Your Lips • Bing CrosbyWould You? • Bing CrosbyLet's Call a Heart a Heart • Bing Crosby(You Know it All) Smarty • Bing CrosbyBlue Hawaii • Bing CrosbyCan I Forget You? • Bing CrosbyI Still Love to Kiss You Goodnight • Bing CrosbyIt's the Natural Thing to Do • Bing CrosbyMoonlight and Shadows • Bing CrosbyMy Little Buckaroo • Bing CrosbyNever in a Million Years • Bing CrosbyOne, Two, Button Your Shoe • Bing CrosbyPeckin' • Bing CrosbyRemember Me? • Bing CrosbySail Along, Silvery Moon • Bing CrosbySweet Is the Word for You • Bing CrosbySweet Leilani • Bing CrosbyThe Moon Got in My Eyes • Bing CrosbyThe One Rose (That's Left in My Heart) • Bing CrosbyToo Marvelous for Words • Bing CrosbyWhat Will I Tell My Heart? • Bing CrosbyDon't Let That Moon Get Away • Bing CrosbyI've Got a Pocketful of Dreams • Bing CrosbyLet Me Whisper I Love You • Bing CrosbyMexicali Rose • Bing CrosbyMoon of Manakoora • Bing CrosbyMy Reverie • Bing CrosbyNow It Can Be Told • Bing CrosbyOn the Sentimental Side • Bing CrosbySilent Night • Bing CrosbyThere's a Gold Mine in the Sky • Bing CrosbyWhen Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby • Bing CrosbyWhen the Organ Played Oh Promise Me • Bing CrosbyYou Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby • Bing CrosbyA Man and His Dream • Bing CrosbyAh! Sweet Mystery of Life • Bing CrosbyAlla En El Rancho Grande • Bing CrosbyAnd the Angels Sing • Bing CrosbyBetween a Kiss and a Sigh • Bing CrosbyDeep Purple • Bing CrosbyEast Side of Heaven • Bing CrosbyGo Fly A Kite • Bing CrosbyGod Bless America • Bing CrosbyI Cried for You • Bing CrosbyI Have Eyes • Bing CrosbyIt's a Lonely Trail (When You're Travelin' All Alone) • Bing CrosbyLittle Sir Echo • Bing CrosbyMy Isle of Golden Dreams • Bing CrosbyMy Melancholy Baby • Bing CrosbySing a Song of Sunbeams • Bing CrosbySomeone Stole Gabriel's Horn • Bing CrosbyThat Sly Old Gentleman (From Featherbed Lane) • Bing CrosbyThe Funny Old Hills • Bing CrosbyThe Lonesome Road • Bing CrosbyWhat's New? • Bing CrosbyWhistling in the Wildwood • Bing CrosbyYou're a Sweet Little Headache • Bing CrosbyThe Singing Hills • Bing CrosbyApril Played the Fiddle • Bing CrosbySierra Sue • Bing CrosbyThat's for Me • Bing CrosbyTrade Winds • Bing CrosbyOnly Forever • Bing CrosbySilent Night • Bing CrosbyAlong the Santa Fe Trail • Bing CrosbyNew San Antonio Rose • Bing CrosbyDolores • Bing Crosby'Til Reveille • Bing CrosbyYou Are My Sunshine • Bing CrosbyBe Honest with Me • Bing CrosbyYou and I • Bing CrosbyClementine • Bing CrosbyShepherd Serenade • Bing CrosbySilent Night • Bing CrosbyDeep in the Heart of Texas • Bing CrosbyI Don't Want to Walk without You • Bing CrosbyMiss You • Bing CrosbySkylark • Bing CrosbyBe Careful It's My Heart • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyMoonlight Becomes You • Bing CrosbyConstantly • Bing CrosbySunday, Monday or Always • Bing CrosbyIf You Please • Bing CrosbyI'll Be Home for Christmas (If Only in My Dreams) • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyVict'ry Polka • Bing CrosbyPoinciana (Song of the Tree) • Bing CrosbyThe San Fernando Valley • Bing CrosbyI Love You • Bing CrosbyI'll Be Seeing You • Bing CrosbySwinging on a Star • Bing CrosbyAmor • Bing CrosbyLong Ago (And Far Away) • Bing CrosbyGoing My Way • Bing CrosbyThe Day After Forever • Bing CrosbyToo-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's an Irish Lullaby) • Bing CrosbySweet and Lovely • Bing CrosbyIt Could Happen to You • Bing CrosbyI'll Be Home for Christmas (If Only in My Dreams) • Bing CrosbyEvelina • Bing CrosbySleigh Ride in July • Bing CrosbyLike Someone in Love • Bing CrosbyJust a Prayer Away • Bing CrosbyAll of My Life • Bing CrosbyOn the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe • Bing CrosbyIf I Loved You • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyAren't You Glad You're You? • Bing CrosbyIn the Land of Beginning Again • Bing CrosbySymphony • Bing CrosbyThe Bells of St. Mary's • Bing CrosbyPersonality • Bing CrosbyThey Say It's Wonderful • Bing CrosbyYou Keep Coming Back Like a Song • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyHow Soon (Will I Be Seeing You) • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyBallerina • Bing CrosbyNow Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song) • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyFar Away Places • Bing CrosbyGalway Bay • Bing CrosbyIf You Stub Your Toe on the Moon • Bing CrosbyCareless Hands • Bing CrosbyRiders in the Sky (A Cowboy Legend) • Bing CrosbySome Enchanted Evening • Bing CrosbyBali Ha'i • Bing CrosbyMule Train • Bing CrosbyDear Hearts and Gentle People • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyChattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy • Bing CrosbyI Didn't Slip, I Wasn't Pushed, I Fell • Bing CrosbyPlay a Simple Melody • Bing CrosbyI Cross My Fingers • Bing CrosbyLa Vie en rose • Bing CrosbyAll My Love • Bing CrosbyBeyond the Reef • Bing CrosbyHarbor Lights • Bing CrosbyIsle of Innisfree • Bing CrosbySilent Night, Holy Night • Bing CrosbyChanging Partners • Bing CrosbyCount Your Blessings Instead of Sheep • Bing CrosbyStranger in Paradise • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyIn a Little Spanish Town • Bing CrosbyAround the World • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyI'll Be Home for Christmas (If Only in My Dreams) • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyStep to the Rear • Bing CrosbyWhere the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day • Hank LocklinTie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyThat's What Life Is All About • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas • Bing Crosby
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